File Service Portal

One of the best portals worldwide


Car – Bike – Truck – Tractor – Boat to implement on your website


We offer a handful customized chiptuner templates

Reasonable prices

All our solutions are with correct price range structur 


File Service

Do you have too many files from too many customers on whatsapp, skype oder email? We have the solution for you with our rentable file service portal


All prices are complete adjustable by the shopadmin.


Also you can add OLSx Credits if you are a Winols reseller. 

Opening hours

Let your customers know, when your shop is open and when its closed. For closing you can add a message, also for opening.


Your customer can add a support request – all recent file services are stored in the support request to select the correct one.


Add / Delete / Edit Tuningtypes. All the types you can customize as you want.


To every tuningtype you can add some tuningoptions. How much you want.


Add paypal credentials and EVC credentials

Recent fileservices

All recent fileservices you can see on your adminpanel. Also your customers can see their recent fileservices.


Add your own terms, privacy policy, disclaimer and your refund policy.

Edit fileservice

Here you get all infos from the car, like brand, modell, engine, ecu, year, gearbox, on dyno, timeframe and on.

Admin dashboard

Here is an overview of your fileservices, your support requests and your estimated delivery time fo your file service.

Estimated file delivery time

Add here from min to max minutes and your customer will get displayed them on their customer panel.

Customer dashboard

On entry to your file service portal, your customer get important infos of your opening hours and the current server time and a file service chart.

Also on the top, the estimated delivery time for your service.

Why choose us?

White labeling
Full support
We develope all ourself
No costs per file
System create automatically an ini file
Add prices
Add tuningtypes
Add tuningoptions
Add opening hours
Add estimated file delivery time
Add #all 🙂


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